Therapist and a Trainer

All Things Will Come to an End (Or at least a hiatus)

July 01, 2022 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 15
Therapist and a Trainer
All Things Will Come to an End (Or at least a hiatus)
Show Notes

On this final episode of Therapist and a Trainer, Justin and Eric explore how to know when things should end and the best way to do it. Diving deeper into topics such as:

Natural reactions to finality

Ending things at a good point

The desire to have more

There’s a first time for everything and a last time for everything

Inspiring hope

Momento Mori

Contemplating the end

Counting your Mondays

Contemplating death to enhance the presence

Tomorrow is never promised

Making things meaningful

Finishing Strong

Why does finality feel negative

How do you know when to quit

Seth Godin

Repeating patterns


The value of settling and good enough

Tolerating deterioration

Hopeful for change

When does quitting make things better

When the purpose is served

When you gave your best

Associating ending with failure

Building trust with clients

Ending therapy 

Ending relationships with clients

Having new problems

If you’re out of problems you’re out of business

Ending something doesn’t have to be final

Picking things back up

Taking a break instead of quitting

Allow things to reach their end

The danger of holding on too long

Losing the position

Learning to abandon your position

Trying not to negate hope

Addicted to hope

Subliminal messages attached to quitting

The difference to ending something well versus quitting

Knowing your limitations

Staying in the game