Therapist and a Trainer

It is Not Your Fault, But it is Your Responsibility

December 05, 2021 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 2
Therapist and a Trainer
It is Not Your Fault, But it is Your Responsibility
Show Notes

In this episode Justin and Eric try to breakdown the difference of thing that we are responsible for, versus how we unknowingly may have found ourselves in an undesirable place in life. They dive deeper in topics such as...

- Growing up overweight, bullying and hitting rock bottom
- Are people really doing the best they can in life?
- Internal and external Locus of Control
- Controlling your destiny vs. bad luck
- Self destructive choices taken in context
- Alan Watts on Environment
- A history on commercial food production, obesity and primal eating habits.
- Overeating as a survival behavior
- Misconceptions on social media's impact on mental health
- Social displacement, and how social media keeps us from being productive
- Men and Women's stress level differences when using social media
- The Paradox of hard work versus convenience and pleasure
- Doing uncomfortable things that are good for you
- Comparing yourself to others on social media
- Accepting yourself as you are
- Using resignation positively
- reasonable expectations
- The importance of self evaluation
- Breaking down goals into smaller steps
- Being predisposed to certain athletic capacities
- Finding purpose through acceptance
- Figuring out the next step
- Giving yourself grace and compassion for how you got here
- The importance of spontaneous play
- Self restraint and impulse control  

Justin's research
On Stress and social media:

Impacting our day to day