Therapist and a Trainer

Mastering Failure

January 22, 2022 Justin Lewis and Eric Romanak Season 1 Episode 6
Therapist and a Trainer
Mastering Failure
Show Notes

In this episode, Justin and Eric try to live up to their own standards of success by making a podcast about failure that isn't a cliché.  Diving deeper into topics such as:

Defining success
Defining failure
Trying a different approach
Expecting and creating a different outcome
Changing your system
Deciding the game you're playing
Game theory
Simon Sinek
Finite games
Infinite games
Depression after achieving your goals
Quality of life
Accepting failure is going to happen
Self imposed expectations
Couples therapy
Couples that overcome conflict
Building closeness in conflict
Biology of failure
Damage and repair cycle
Working out until failure
Is fighting productive?
Reducing anger and anxiety in conflict and stress
Removing inherent pressure of failure
Preparing for anxiety
Preparing for Monday
Guy Wench article link: 
What happens to your brain when you fail
Self Compassion after failure
Successful people have failed more often
Failure as a shortcut
Love yourself and challenge yourself
The obstacle is the way
Passion projects at Google
How we learn from accidents
Decision strength
Spending mental energy
Vince Lombardi. "Fatigue makes a coward out of any man"
Why crash diets end in binging
Headsweats custom apparel
Jason Selk
Relentless solution focus
Theory of dominant thought
Focusing on the wrong things
Pink elephant
Channel capacity
The brain can only think about one thing at a time
Always thinking about the negative
Sliding into the failure mindset
Interrupting the rhythm
Cleansing breath
Distracting your brain
Focusing on one thing you can do different
George Lucas "Your focus determines your reality"
Passion replaces negativity
Resilience versus Toughness
Scott Sonnon 
World's smartest workout
Severe dyslexia
Learning disorders
Turning disability into genius
Bouncing back from failure
The ability to resist failure
We do not rise to the occasion, but default to our level of training
Resilience always precedes toughness
Thresholds and failure points
Seeing yourself as a biological machine
Resistance to failure
Resistance to recovery
Optimize not maximize
Finding a way to not avoid failure
Fail fast
Believing in failure and recovery
Betrayed by feelings of failure